Welcome to Model Indexing with OpenAI

This system is designed to enable you to index a set of documents and then ask questions or maintain a continuous chat with their content. It is implemented using the LlamaIndex library and uses the OpenAI Agent as its Chat Engine.


  • If you haven't yet, go to Creating a model to create or update an index model:
  • Once you created a model you can ask questions of the indexed model
  • You can also have a continuous chat with the indexed model
  • If you have any questions email me here
  • Querying a model

    Ask a question

    Select Model(s): 

    File(s) used in this query

    Chatting with a model

    Chat with a model

    Select Model: 

    Creating a model

    Upload a file to a model and re-index

    1. Give the model a name. If you want you can add docments to an existing one.
    2. Upload one or more documents.

    File to add to your index (.txt, .html, .pdf, .docx, .epub, and .md): 
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email customer support